Saturday, December 29, 2007

Charles Denes

My Great Uncle is dying
right now
He's 99
He was my Grandfathers younger brother
He didnt have any children of his own, so he became like a second father to my mother when she was growing up
I'll bet it was hard for my Dad, to have two Father in Laws at first
Uncle Charlie and Aunt Ethel were like a bonus set of Grandparents for me
He and my Grandfather were both Eagle Scouts
My brother and I are both Eagle Scouts
I just searched his name on the web and was happy to see this come up first in google
I recognize many of the names from conversations with him and my Grandfather
My grandfather is listed as a charter member too
I remember that patch
They are all dead now, everyone but him
When I visited his house, he'd sleep with me in the guest room
and make up stories about the pigeons sitting on the white picket fence
he'd talk until I was asleep
When Aunt Ethel Died, I was in Sixth Grade
I was watching MTV when the call came in
it was a band named RAINBOW
the song was "It Cant Happen Here"
He moved in with us for awhile after that
Slept in my room with me
He cried himself to sleep every night

I have a son named after him
We call him Charlie