Sunday, August 26, 2007

from Kurt


d.K. said...

I don't know who Kurt is, but he's got the right idea -- except that future generations aren't likely to "accept" the apology, understandably.

steakbellie said...

Thats MISTER Vonnegut to you!

Yeah, they will not be kind.

szg said...

Did you buy this, or just link to it?

I was on his site b/f he died and he was selling all kinds of cool stuff.

d.K. said...

I'm embarrassed to say I've never read anything by Kurt Vonnegut -- in fact, I didn't have any idea how revered he was in certain circles until he died.

The guy who writes the "Why I Hate D.C." blog wrote a beautiful post about how the author had impacted him. I need to do some catching up.

steakbellie said...

Just an image I found on the web the day he died.

I think the classic story to start with would be 'Slaughter-House Five' which is about his real life experience as a POW in Germany during the fire-bombing of Dresden.

None of his book are very long and I think you'll feel very at home with his philosophy

d.K. said...

Thanks, Steak. I'm going to pick it up -- you've piqued my curiosity.

Mega Munch said...

Mmmmm...sweet, sweet petroleum.

Leonesse said...

I am with d.k.. Heard about Kurt only through other's anecdotes and always wanted to read him. Just haven't taken that opportunity yet.