Monday, January 19, 2009

Water Landing

Sure, no one’s surprised that I might challenge myself against the Espresso machine at my new job. It's not the sort of thing I announce, but just something I do to satisfy my curiosity for the world. How else am I to know where I fit in on this planet?

The big problem was after my 5th successful Espresso. I was buzzing along getting some serious work done. The ipod is jamming. The Secretary comes in and has an announcement.

Secretary: “Hey Guys, the water department just shut down all the water for blocks, broken pipe”
SB (smirking and shooting back the 6th Espresso): Good thing I’m not drinking water then, bitches!! (to myself of course)
Secretary: “and the toilets aren’t working now, should be back up in a few hours”
SB: “oh dear”


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Leonesse said...

Something like that happens every time I get cocky.