Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I watched the whole feed to be sure he was really leaving (eight words)

Marine One,
Take this
burden away.
maybe Texas?


Chris said...

Damn, one of the happiest moments of my life was seeing the helicopter leave... AND NOT TURN BACK.

Hello future. I'm ready.

Oddly enough, my word verification reminds me of the last eight years... "fibba." We've been fibbed to WAY too much. Ready for new, honest, open.

SkippyMom said...

I love you. In a non Gerber Daisy love sort of way. Hi! Cousin?

[and Chris? you crack me up too!]

Anonymous said...

new, honest open - like the treasury secretary nominee talking about his taxes?

honestly, weren't you even the slightest bit embarrassed by the crowd's treatment of the outoging president - unparalleled in (at least recent) history, and somewhat at odds for President Obama's call for a new tone?

steakbellie said...

I was hoping you people would wait a day or two to give the guy a chance before you started nitpicking. We're all counting on this guy being able to work for the country, so please quit the partisan attitude for abit. I guess you want him to fail because you are a Republican? You are drilling holes in your own ship.

I suspect I wont like everything about Obama either but thats ok. I would be very afraid of a President who thought exactly like I do.

I think if you were surprised by the crowds reaction then clearly you are out of touch with how things have been going for most of us in this country.

I personally wouldnt have booed him out of respect for the Office, but w was such a disaster, I'm surprised they didnt throw their shoes. I really am. I actually had the chance to boo him at the last Army/Navy game but choice to just refuse to applaud for him.

The taxes issue is a HUGE deal to me. especially if you want him to fix the economy. I'm keeping a wait and see for a few weeks to see what gets floated.

Anonymous said...

I'm giving him more than a chance -I have nothing but hope that I was wrong about him, and that he doesn't fail (you should really watch that "you people" talk) - though again, his lifting the Mexico City order today, on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, was a slap in the face to more than a few people down on the Mall. I fully expected he would do, it, but couldn't he have waited a day? Again - where is the new tone?

And while I had expected some fringe booing, etc., I was surprised that the president of the united states was subjected to as much disrespect as he was. it's even worse than i thought.

i'm glad you didn't boo at the army-navy game, but you don't really get props for that - it's the expected behavior.

We'll see on taxes - the guy's inability to answer whether he would have paid his back taxes had he not been nominated, though, was more than a bit of a downer. . .

Leonesse said...

Too bad, so sad, bye-bye.

And anon, after the behavior of people toward the incoming president, what were you expecting? I didn't see it and don't condone it, but you have to admit he was a criminal.

Here's to hoping the new one isn't!

Anonymous said...

ummm, no, i really don't have to admit anything, leonesse. in fact, there are many other presidents in history that came closer to, and perhaps enegaged in, criminal conduct. and either way, your rationalization smacks of the LA riots after the King verdict ("i don't condone it, but what do you expect?") for me, i expect civilized behavior. is that too much?

Anonymous said...

the respectable thing would be to capitalize President of the United States. But I suppose "you people" are less that knowledgable.

steakbellie said...

I can call anyone who doesnt sign their name to their comments 'You People' and will continue to do it especially if it bothers you.

Also, I gave bush the lc treatment on purpose.

I do find it funny that you leave it questionable that bush was a criminal. That guy was wrong on almost every issue. He was no friend to our Constitution and Hundreds of Thousands of people would still be alive had his mom had an abortion.

At what point do we not have to be civil anymore?

d.K. said...

Hey Steak,

I lurk, but haven't commented in a while.

Regarding Anon - he's just plain wrong about the executive order regarding family planning. Obama DID wait a day, out of deference to pro-lifers/anti-choicers, unlike Mr. Bush, whose first executive order was to overturn Clinton's restoration of full options available to women... But, like most anonymous "trolls", the facts are always inconvenient to the point they're trying to make.

Hope all's well your way. Hope the wife and boys are well, and that you are too. I'm going to be watchful too during the next 4 or 8 years, but what I've seen so far in the last week makes me hopeful (after a long, long time of despair). Let's wish the new guy the best of luck, and the old guy a peaceful retirement in Texas.

P.S. I stared at the Marine chopper leaving the mall too -- I saw a lot of people watching it, and very few shouting epithets or signaling anything disrespectful, but of course, the Bush defenders will always jump on that one AP story that fits well with their desired narrative. Keep up the good work, my good blogger buddy.