Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Crack of the Bat

The last two weeks have been pretty productive and I'm doing ok. I have spent my time trying to drum up Freelance work in anticipation of a long job search. I have spent my time looking for a full time job. I have spent my time seeing how great my freaking family and friends are.

The phone calls and conversations I've had over the last 2 weeks have been amazing as friends have texted, emailed, and called their offers of help and love. Sometimes I find myself consoling the other person.

The truth is that I'm in a corner and in some trouble without a job. The truth is that, ironically, I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my chest. The last four years have been a Crescendo of me settling for something that wasn't a right fit and allowing myself to become afraid. Terrified of losing a job I didn't want. It's a remarkable situation that was twisting my insides.

So I've been applying to other jobs that potentially could be in my price range. I'm going back to a more Creative Environment hopfully but not expecting to truly be happy with work.

So I have an interview last week with a local design firm. I have everything they wishlisted in the posting. And after some conversation I am starting to feel that I want this job. The interview is going well and I've shown them all my web work. He mentions something about 3D Rendering to make a point, and I pull out a whole portfolio of 3D Rendered Illustrations. He starts talking Print Design and I drop the mother load of samples on the table.

The conversation shifts to a place I used to work in NYC.
He mentions the name of a famous designer I used to work for.
I'm surprised that he's heard of this designer and I mention a few nice things about him.
He mentions that he once saw the designer give a presentation on some of the work that was being done in the office and how incredible it was. I let him go on for a minute or two about what he saw.
It was like somebody was throwing me a meatball to knock out of the park.
Because everything he saw that day and still remembers years later.....

Was drawn by me.

I may not get the job
There are a few more people Interviewing for the position
They may be younger than me
They may be cheaper than me
They may have bigger boobs than me
But I feel pretty good to know I have value again.


Anonymous said...

Been waiting for a blog like this from you. Some things are meant to be. Good things are to come...jg

SkippyMom said...

You definitely have the bigger boobs. ;D....heehee...

Good luck Buddy. It is all you!

Wild Bill said...

Between Wing Kong and me, you've got the biggest boobs on the market in your corner! (Sorry, Kong!) :-)

ginger b said...

Yes...but do they have boobs as nice as yours?

Quality, not quantity.

katrocket said...

I like your wife too damn much to say awesome things about your boobs, but I will say that I saw your website and holy fuck you are supertalented, my friend! You never had to settle in the first place. That company would be damn lucky to have you.

(PS - I'm interviewing for my dream job tomorrow!)

Payne said...

Good Luck! Don't forget to whip out the UEPa Logo!

Now, about those typos on your resume....

deanamo said...

Good luck, Eric! This sounds like everything is happening for a reason. I hope this is the one!

Gnightgirl said...

Yay, you! I love this story. I've been in the same dead-end job for way too long now, I can relate to a lot of what you write here. I hope I can hit one out of the ballpark, some day!

Leonesse said...

Knock em dead.