Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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Blogs are funny, but people that write them are more funny. This started as a recounting of a Seven-Year-Old Steakbellie, sitting in his twin bed in the dark, pretending it was an X-Wing Fighter Spaceship from the Star Wars movie. Now that I've gone and deleted all the text it's about something else, but I will keep the photo and title because I like them.

Blogs have funny trends if you stick with them long enough. I know I go through phases of writing. Sometimes I can write nothing but Haiku's. Sometimes I spend months writing those 8-word poems. Sometimes I write about Competive Eating. Sometimes I think about it, but dont write anything.

Mostly I think it's important to have an image with a post, I'm pretty sure people dont read posts without pictures unless it's got a dirty title. I typically use my own photos for the posts but sometimes create my own illustrations to go with the article. Lately I havent been using as many images.

I've actually been writing alot lately, but only in my head. Stories & Topics kind of appear and take shape. I work out the exact wording I'll use and the descriptions. I just never write the stuff down. I could write it down, but then it's kind of forced, and anytime I try to force anything with this blog it becomes less I wait it out and write as writing comes. Next Phase, Next Phase.

Whats weird is that I'm getting more hits now than I ever have. My page counter goes up 250-300+ a day. Even on days I dont write a thing somebody is finding this thing....

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