Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spike's MLE Chowdown 2: The Turkey Bowl

In celebration of the airing of Episode 2 of my Las Vegas Eating Adventure this thursday November 22, 2007 at 11am and again at 7pm on SPIKE TV, I invite all of you to blow off work for the day, invite your relatives over and eat and drink all that you can.

We will be eating 20lbs Whole Turkeys and cans of jellied Cranberry Sauce. I recommend that you eat something similar but in more enjoyable quantities.

If you missed the first episode you can see it here

I great this episode with excitement and nervousness. I havent seen it yet, but the quality of the first episode was wonderful. I ate during the first half of the show in the Undercard. We were given whole cans of jellied cranberry sauce to eat, and you may be surprised to learn that this was by far the most difficult food for me to eat in mass. Worse than Jalapenos. Really.

While I have eaten in sweets before (twice in Shoo-Fly), I believe that the Complex Carbs in the Molasses, while extraordinarily sweet, didnt realease it's full sugar rush at once. The refined sugar in the cranberry sauce was brutal, and I could feel the effects by the 4th minute. My wife said that the other eaters looked like they were having a rough time too. I cant wait to hear the commentary!

The main event is a whole Turkey eating contest. I've competed in this discipline once before and it's a great food to eat competitivley. It involves hand skill to find the most meat on the carcass, jaw strength to chew the food up enough, and considerable swallowing strength as even moist Turkey is drier than most foods at high speeds.

The big questions to be answered:

Will Japanese HotDog Sensation Kobayashi be able to overcome the Jawthritis he's been hobled with this year.

Will American Eating Champ Joey Chestnut, be able to defeat inspired upstart (and current Turkey Record Holder)Pat Bertoletti?

Do you get sleepy after eating a 20lbs Turkey?


Drunk in FL said...

We'll be gathering around the set at 7 to watch....

Leonesse said...

Is it online anywhere??

katrocket said...

It was super fun! But I really dislike cranberry sauce, so I had a few gagger moments while watching. You were fantastically entertaining, as always. And also the neatest eater --way to bring some class to the sport.

Go Meatsweats!

Chris said...

I watched it twice so far! We cheered.

steakbellie said...

so much fun, even when suffering!

There's a web version I will post tomorrow!

KAT, I didnt realize I was so neat until I read you comment and rewatched it. Those bastards are pigs!