Monday, September 10, 2007

My Patronus is a Beer Can (American Sonnet)

we came together and remembered each other with urgency
there was touch and long clutching hugs meant to last forever
and eye contact in the simpliest of goodbyes

old friends used the word 'love', baffled by the distance a day before
and swore to never let the gap widen again

we knew time, and cried together for strangers who died in fear
choking at the stories of those who could be courageous
wondering in our beds, how we would have fared in that burning debris

People acted in defiance of hate and made comitments of love
Can you remember how wonderfully human we were?


We've calloused since and added to the crime, one-thousand fold
Liars impress us with their bodycounts and stay the course to hell

The dust cloud is approaching fast and the Dementors are circling
Summon My Patronus

WTC Skin


MsAPhillips said...

Definition of insanity:
continuing to make it worse.

Leonesse said...

Definition of insanity:
reelecting the idiot